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5 Amazing Skin Tightening Procedures For Quick Result - SHOPPING IND
July 21, 2024

5 Amazing Skin Tightening Procedures For Quick Result

Welcome all the pretty ladies! If you are dealing with hanging skin and related issues, we’ve got you covered. Skin hanging is a common part of getting older, we can’t win against this natural phenomenon but we can surely lessen its impacts with the help of science. There are many non-surgical procedures that can tend to your limping skin issue.

First, let’s understand the science behind how skin tightening treatments function. In the presence of loose skin, these non-surgical treatments produce heat to dive deeper into the skin using ultrasound or radiofrequency techniques, and boost the skin’s natural regeneration reaction and collagen production to combat the aging and gravitational effects of your skin. 

Below mentioned are some widely opted skin tightening treatments.

Hifu Skin Tightening

Hifu skin tightening is one of the most approached non-invasive treatments to get a quick and satisfied result. HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a thermal non-invasive skin tightening procedure, which replenishes the collagen in your skin and makes the targeted area look firmer instantly. Many places like skin tightening London offer HIFU treatment for satisfying results.


  • Results are not certain, as it may vary depending on skin type
  • Not very effective for severe sagging
  • Lasts only for up to 12 months 


Ultratherapy is the tight skin treatment which is a favorite among patients and providers alike. This procedure operates on fusing micro ultrasound imaging to deliver a required energy to a specific layer of tissue. Hear from Dr. Jennifer Levine, “It uses ultrasound to visualize the patients’ unique anatomy and allows the treatment to be customized for the individual patient,”


  • It can be painful compared to other energy-based treatments
  • It may cause a bit more swelling comparatively
  • Not recommended for patients taking anti-inflammatory meds
  • Show complete result in 3-6 months


Thermage is the right skin tightening option for you if you care more about addressing the texture and quality of the sagging skin. It is an FDA approved thermal, non-invasive treatment that evidently smoothens, tightens and contours the skin and gives the patient a younger looking appearance. It starts to show effects in an hour and the results last for up to one to two years.


  • Only for mild skin tightening
  • Can take upto 6 months to show complete results
  • Bruising and redness (in rare cases)
  • More efficient in younger people

Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting, often also known as suture suspension lifts because of their ability to lift, but it can also be used as skin tightening procedure. During this non-invasive procedure, barbed, dissolvable suture thread which is PDO (polydioxanone), is threaded under the skin to improve the lax skin tissue and boost the collagen production in the skin.


  • Risk of skin infection if skin is cut
  • May cause bruising and rippling of skin
  • Irritation or bruising (in rare cases)


Those looking to tuck their lower face or neck area, Evoke is the right choice. The device uses a contained radiofrequency on the targeted area to stimulate collagen, reduce fat and tighten the loose skin around the cheeks, jawline and jowls by maintaining the accurate temperature for either fat destruction or skin tightening.


Generally Evoke has no to mild side effects which will reduce after a short period like any other skin treatments 

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • A slight tingling sensation
  • Bruising in very rare cases

Where is Skin tightening treatment effective

Skin tightening treatment works best only in certain areas of your body. If you have loose skin issues in any of the below mentioned body parts, contact the nearby specialist and book your appointment. 

  • Face
  • Eyelids
  • Neck Chest
  • Arms
  • Buttocks Thighs
  • Knees Abdomen
  • Jowls

Who’s the right candidate for non-invasive skin tightening treatments

Unlike any other cosmetic procedure, skin tightening treatments also demand certain criteria to be fulfilled. The person is not recommended to patients who recently or currently have :

  • Infection in the treatment area
  • Blood clotting problems
  • Patients who are pregnant


These are some best skin tightening treatments available in the market. Skin tightening in London, Uk, USA and many more tend to satisfy the needs of the beauty seekers. But we recommend, do proper research, consult a professional, know your skin type & needs and then pick the best treatment option for yourself. 

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