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6 Ways To Reuse Of Gift Card Boxes - SHOPPING IND
July 21, 2024
gift card boxes

6 Ways To Reuse Of Gift Card Boxes

The tradition of exchanging gift cards on special occasions still exists despite the digitalization trend in every walk of life. On special events like Christmas, Easter, and Holidays, we all have a stack of gift card boxes in our homes. After taking out the gift cards, you are faced with two choices. Either you could reuse the boxes or put them in a recycle bin because they never end up in the trash. The ability to get cut in any dimension, style, and most importantly, higher compressive strength make them a good option for reuse. Specific other properties make them useful for a few other specific tasks. 

Create A Raised Bed Garden:

Most plants, flowers, and crops cannot grow to the full potential in the garden soil. There may be an overgrowth of weeds that prevent the smooth growing. The worms are also present in the Earth’s soil. They can eat up all the organic matter of the healthy fruits and veggies in your garden. 

To allow the proper growth of the desired plants or crops, use gift card packaging to create a raised garden bed. Just cut several pieces of this packaging and join them together to make a raised garden bed. Doing so will help your plants to grow at a rapid pace as there would be no weeds or worms to affect them.

Another key benefit of this unique garden bed is that it prevents the drying out of the soil. It increases the photosynthesis that leads to the perfect growth of plants’ roots that then enhances their water absorbency capacity. 

Turn Into Shoe Racks:

The shoe racks are indispensable for every house. If you do not have these racks, the house could look very messy, and the visitors or guests wouldn’t be impressed. When you go out shopping for these racks, they are generally priced very high. The higher costs may stop you from perfectly organizing your house.

Utilize a custom gift box to make shoe racks of your own with no expense at all. Just cut, fold, and assemble its pieces to form a triangular shoe rack. The significance of making the cut pieces in such a shape is that it gives you more storage space.

If you have an excess of gift packages, you can construct a shoe rack for every room of your house. For a pleasing appearance, you can color or paint these racks in the desired manner. 

Use In House Repairing:

Even though you have a wooden house or a house built from concrete cement, the damages are inevitable. Different seasons bring with them certain calamities. For instance, a rainy season brings thunderstorms and higher velocity winds. These can cause damage to the roof or various parts of your house. Calling out for help in these climatic conditions can be a real challenge.

So, use the left-over gift boxes to fix the damages temporarily until professional service arrives. For example, if the roof of your house is leaking, you can layer the leaking parts with thick packaging layers. The cardboard-built packages are not resistant to water, but using multiple boxes can undoubtedly help your cause. 

Playful Toys:

The children of this newer generation have become more demanding. Their love for games is eternal, and you can’t satisfy their craze for toys even if they have a room full of toys. Fulfilling their demands for newer toys every day or month can put much strain on your budget. If you have plenty of gift boxes at your home, you can save yourself a handsome sum of money to be spent on toys.

Cut them into specific dimensions and fold them up to turn into beautiful and playful toys. Or, let your children themselves create their favorite toys through these packages. This will raise their creativity level, and they will be more active in their studies. If you have a pet at your home, like a cat or a dog, you can repurpose these packages to devise an activity game

Make Special Storage Shelves:

The shelves are necessary to keep certain useful things organized. Without them, there is no effective organization, and everything looks like a mess. Gift card packaging can be used as shelf space in your study and living room. Just make sure that you consider the weight of your valuable things before turning this packaging into shelves. If the weight is more, you can use as many packaging boxes as you want for the perfect and safe storage of your valuable possessions. 

Garden Kneeler:

If you taste for raising different plants and flowers in your backyard, you require a garden kneeler. It keeps your clothes from stains of grass and mud. Also, it saves you from the pain of stepping over the stones. The available garden kneelers in the market are made from leather that can cost you very high. The gift card packages offer exciting reuse as a garden kneeler. Flatten one or two of these packages and kneel on them while gardening.                                           

Giving a renewed life to the gift card boxes is always interesting since you can repurpose them to bring ease to your daily routines. Sometimes, they could serve as a cost-savvy alternative to something, considering you use them with a strategic mind. These ideas are the ways to get these packages reused. You can come up with your reuse ideas to make them serve a purpose in your life. 

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