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Buy Sherwanis in Chandni Chowk - SHOPPING IND
July 21, 2024

Buy Sherwanis in Chandni Chowk

A Sherwani coat is of knee length and fits close to the body. Sherwani refers to the outfits of the people in Southern region of Shirvan. The coat of Sherwanis isfastened at the top with gorgeous buttons at the front. Embroidered Sherwani is done to enhance its appearance. Usually Sherwani comes with various design, wide range of colors and fabrics which highly depends on the occasion. Sherwanis are the typical outfits of Punjabi and North Indian weddings. It’s a most popular outfit for wedding and can be worn in any formal gatherings, and it carries a feel of regal. You can buy Sherwanis in Chandni Chowk from here:

H2 Bharat Reshma

This is one of the most famous and designer store for Sherwani in Chandni Chowk. The formal collection of men brings a revolutionary change in the men’s wedding outfit. Previously they deal with the items related to fashion, but afterwards they launched the bright unique own designer dress. Later on they started created wedding outfits for groom to enhance his appearance on the most special occasion. The designer Sherwanis are unique and are of variety of good qualities that gave a new meaning to the stunning personality of the groom.

Sherwani Store

This brilliant shop in Chandni Chowk has managed to blend the latest fashion and traditional pattern for Sherwani. The collection for Sherwanis is highly the combination of heavy and light density design and of bold and sophisticated pairing of color. Here, one can get designer Sherwanis with reasonable price.

Study by Janak

This showroom is one of the best stop for Sherwani. This excellent store launched in 1986, and became highly popular for occasion wear and wedding outfits. The products that this brilliant brand offers are- Jackets, Trousers, and Shirts. But the centre of attraction of this popular store is its brilliantly designed Sherwanis with unique pattern. This designer shop in Chandni Chowk provides the outfits starting from the boardroom to chic evening attires.

Sherwani centre

This shopoffers unique and brilliant collection for Sherwanis. This great store has got wonderful collection of Sherwanis that makes it not possible to keep your hands off their brilliant collection. This excellent Sherwani Centre comes with great variety of designs for Sherwani with Swaroski work. You will find Sherwani for every occasion.  The price ranges are reasonable starting from 4k and above.

Shri Krishna Gupta and Stores

Shri Krishna Gupta and Sons have got simple yet gorgeous cut of Sherwanis. Most of their designs are good and heavy with beautiful embroidery work. The prices of this store are quite reasonable, and come with great variety of Sherwani. This brilliant shop has exact design of Sherwani like magazines which has been replicated. The thread works of the Sherwani makes it attractive stores compared to the rest of the shop.

Apart from the renowned stores mentioned above, there are many more popular stores for Sherwani in Chandni Chowk such as- Manyavar, Maharaja Prince Sahab Sherwani, Shyam Garments and many more.

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