June 17, 2024
custom printed tshirts

Buying custom printed tshirts in bulk

If you have a big event coming up, like a family reunion or a marketing event, you should look into wholesale tshirt printing.

Buying in bulk is the best way to get many custom shirts for the best value. 

It can also be beneficial to get your graphic tshirt printing in bulk if you run a small business.

Read on to learn the many benefits of buying custom printed shirts in bulk, and how to find the best place to get them.

Marketing and showing togetherness

Custom printed tshirts are a great thing if you have a small business, a group event, need to advertise, or want to show that a group of people belong together.

They are used in many places we all know, like McDonald’s, boy or girl scouts, family reunions, and even concerts.

Making a custom tshirt do your marketing for you is easy — it’s like having mobile billboards on the people who wear them.

All you have to do is come up with a catchy or vibrant design that easily conveys what your business or brand is all about and sell or give them away.

This can be done in your business, at trade shows, or on the street.

Custom tshirts can also show and create a sense of togetherness by imbuing them with your logo or design and handing them to all your employees or people in your group.

Priced perfectly

The best part about ordering several shirts, besides showing togetherness and being a great marketing tool is that you can typically get a rather steep discount for ordering them in bulk.

Many print shops will sell bulk orders for wholesale prices and even keep your design on file for future orders.

If you plan to use the custom printed shirts as a marketing tool, buying in bulk allows you to easily make up the cost of the order with sales — even if you are giving them away.

If you plan to resell them to customers at your business or as a stand-alone operation, many print shops can offer a print-on-demand service.

This means that they will store your order for future purchases — no need to keep large amounts of inventory, keep stock, or any of the headaches that comes from running a typical store.

Finding the best place to place your bulk order

When you are looking for a place to get custom graphic tshirt printing for your event, business, or marketing needs, do your research to find the best quality and prices.

Ask family, friends, and colleagues where they get their wholesale tshirt printing.

Search various shops to compare prices and quality.

Look at pictures of their finished work.

Ask what they charge for bulk orders and if they offer print-on-demand.

If you require the shirts to be shipped to you, ask how much shipping will cost and when you can expect the shirts to arrive.

Discuss what your desired design, the type of fabric, and method of printing you want to ensure they can get you exactly what you require.

Once you get your custom printed tshirts, the only thing left to do is hand them out or sell them to get them in the hands of many people.

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