April 14, 2024

Matching Jewellery with Outfits

Do you love pouring over jewellery magazines the moment they’re delivered? If only they came with a matching fashion magazine that paired them up for you! It’s down to us to pick the right jewellery to match outfits, so keep reading to find a few tips on how to do it with style.

If you’re prepared for the next season, you’ll already know what key wardrobe items you’ll be buying… but do you know what jewellery you need to match?

How to Choose

There are 3 steps to choosing the right jewellery to match the outfit you have in mind. First of all, consider the occasion. You’ll want to wear elegant jewellery for date night, not the large statement pieces you would on a night out.

Next, consider the specific outfit you’re going to be wearing. What’s the neckline like? If you’ve got a deep v-neck, you could consider a large centre piece around your neck. A high-neckline is best without a necklace, so why not try larger, dangling earrings or a selection of bangles over long sleeves. Saint Tropez are a fantastic designer clothes brand – if you’re struggling to decide on a new outfit, start at Saint Tropez to find the latest styles before selecting any jewellery.

Having your hair down can hide earrings, but gives you the chance to try something a little different. How about hair rings or elegant clips? Play to your natural features. If you have lovely hands, go for a selection of rings to show off your fingers…. But if you have vibrant, stand-out nail colours, reduce the number of rings you wear and try neutral metals without large gems and colours.

Lastly, consider colours and textures. You don’t want to over-power your outfit, but sometimes a contrast can look lovely and really draw attention. A powerful colour combination, texture or pattern on your dress or jacket would be the centre piece of your outfit, so choose simple jewellery like a plain gold band, bangle or necklace to add some shine without becoming too much.

Personalised Jewellery

The best jewellery is never the cheapest. If you really want to stand out, you need to buy quality jewellery. Trust me, people can tell the difference and high-quality jewellery will help you feel more confident too.

One great way to ensure that you always have jewellery to match your outfit is to buy personalised jewellery. Jewellery that is simple enough to match with hundreds of outfits and suits you to a T. You can find personalised jewellery here.

The great thing about this personalised jewellery is that it’s completely interchangeable. These Danish jewellery designers have created a collection that you can build on, swapping centre pieces and mixing links. You can change from bronze day jewellery to shimmering silver in the evenings.

Current Trends

Anchor bracelets like the ones you can find at the link above are always popular. For something that’s a bit more on trend, why not take a look at these:

Upcycled jewellery. We’re seeing a lot of this on the catwalks as we enter the Autumn/Winter season. You can try making this jewellery yourself or hunt for your own online.

Monogram jewellery. This type of jewellery has been popular for a while now, so we’re glad to see it continuing into 2018. A simple initial letter dangling from a necklace or diamond encrusted initial bracelet looks stunning with formal wear.

You don’t need to keep up to date with the latest trends to look great. Just follow the steps above to really shine with your jewellery choices.

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