May 23, 2024
Essential Tips for Packing and Moving Small Appliances

Essential Tips for Packing and Moving Small Appliances

Are you set to move to another location? When one is planning to move, the first thing about moving is to safeguard the items inside the house. Especially the small ones, that need to be packed and moved safely.

People often believe in hiring packers and movers in Kolkata for transporting the items from one place to another. As they take care of everything related to the household moving, all you need to do is fix the right, professional packers, and movers for the deed. Most of the time, we pack things in a haphazard way hurriedly. That could cost us a lot of essential steps. This also damages the small appliances and you may end up losing their essential parts when in hurry.

Handling these items with care is the motto that one must follow while packing and moving them. Only by doing so, you can ensure the safety of these items. What else you must do to keep your small appliances safe during domestic shifting? You need to follow step by step guide while packing and moving small appliances for transportation and you will find them all here. Check them out

How to Pack and Move Small Appliances Effectively

Clean and Wipe them

The first and foremost thing to do even before packing the appliances in your house is to wipe them clean. Most of our household items are dirty as we don’t clean them often. Small appliances such as ceiling fans, portable heater, mixer-grinder, etc. may be used daily but we often get time to thoroughly clean them. When you are preparing them to pack, one must not pack them just as it is. Take time to deep clean these appliances.

You need to ensure that they are cleaned as how experts would recommend. After all, you won’t want to damage the internal parts of the appliances thus, making things complicated along the way. So, ensure that you check out a few videos as to how to clean them perfectly. Or you can simply use a micro-fiber cloth dipped in a light detergent solution to scrub the surface off.

There is another option available if you are planning to hire packers and movers for a household relocation. You can directly ask the team members to clean the items for you before packing them for extra charges. This may cost you something extra but you will have got them cleaned by the experts. People having a time crunch often go for these services.


Some of the appliances have removable parts and that is for a specific reason. If you have small appliances that have removable parts, then dismantle them before packing them. They make it easy for people to pack and carry them. It even becomes easy for the moving company to clean and pack them. They don’t take much space thus, making loading and unloading easier too.

Like for example, if you have a ceiling fan most probably you will have to disassemble it carefully before you can pack each of its parts separately, before going on to put them all in a box. First of all, this step is beneficial in deep cleaning the item. Next, it becomes easy and systematic to pack them. You can load and unload these boxes quite easily thus, simplifying the whole process of packing and moving them.

While dismantling the goods, don’t forget to keep all the loose parts together. This includes nuts, bolts, pins, washers, plates, etc. If at all you lose these parts, it will be very difficult to put them back together perfectly.

Get the Right Box

Experts suggest that you get the right box depending upon the size of the items. This means that if you have small items don’t go for extra-large boxes. You may think of filling it up with other items as it has too much space, but it can damage the fragile parts of the appliances. It will be best to get a box that will be able to accommodate the small appliances well. The more closer to the actual size of the item, the better.

If you have appropriate boxes for the item, it will be easier to pack them. All you need to do is put the appliance in the box, fill it with the fillers, and pack it up. But sometimes, people get a bigger box so that, they can pack two-three items together to save on boxes. This makes the items bang against each other inside the box during the transportation, thus causing a lot of problems. It may cause the fragile parts of the appliances to be damaged.

In case you are running short of the boxes, then it will be best to compartmentalize by adding a few thermocol sheets. This can be a risky procedure so, it will be best to talk to the professional moving companies regarding it.

Give it an Extra Layer of Wrap

It is advised that you don’t put all the items directly inside the box as this may lead to getting scratches on the body of the appliances. So, the next step involves wrapping the appliances with packing paper or bubble wrap before going on to place them inside the box. Do not forget to secure the wrap using a rubber band or packing tape. This will help in keeping the packing paper or the bubble wrap in its place.

Put it in a Box and Label it Well

Now that you have wrapped and secured the appliance properly, it’s time to place it in the box. Just putting it inside the box won’t do, you need to use appropriate filler to fill the empty spaces. You can use anything such as thermocole sheets, towels, bedsheets, packing peanuts, shredded papers, Styrofoam, newspapers, etc. These are better shock absorbers thus, protecting your appliances while transporting them through a bad road. Some people also go for bubble wraps as well.

Amongst everything, don’t forget to label the boxes carefully. Whether you are keeping loose parts inside the zip-lock pouches or small appliances inside the boxes, it is necessary to label them or document the process of dismantling them. This will make it easier for you while put things together.

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